Friday, June 18, 2010

Life Happens to You

LIFE happens to you!

This is a story of not so long ago

When I wasn’t so smart, but thought I was so

One day I sat down with paper and pen

To chart out my future from now to then

I listed out all the things I wanted to do

Smiled as I imagined myself doing s few

Charted out my future in great detail

Smugly thinking to myself “Now I can’t fail”

Prepared I was, for life on paper

Unprepared I was, for life’s capers

Because I honestly didn’t have a clue

That while you are busy making plans, LIFE happens to you!

All my plans went for a toss

For I had forgotten God was the boss

Life happened to me while I wasn’t looking

I never realized what God had for me cooking

So many surprises he had for me in store

Much more than I wanted, and then some more!

So this, is my story, Ladies and Gentlemen

This is me now, very different from how I was then

I do my work down here; leave the rest to the Big Man

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